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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sarah Cale: My Religion Makes No Sense And Does Not Help Me Therefore I Pursue It

Jessica Bradley is pleased to present Sarah Cale’s most recent body of work in her third solo exhibition at the gallery. Cale continues to stretch the limits of painting beyond conventional figure and ground relations, using collage and layers of cut canvas to confound our perception of the painterly gesture. In her new paintings she also cuts and shreds canvas to create three-dimensional apertures, delineating collaged portions with paint. These works encourage the eye to rove between physical edges and multiple painted and collaged limits within the painting.

Jessica Bradley Gallery
74 Miller Street, Toronto,
Ontario M6N 2Z9

Ambrosial Affair: Junko Mizuno Solo Exhibition

Narwhal Contemporary is pleased to present Ambrosial Affair, an exhibition of new works by internationally celebrated Japanese artist Junko Mizuno. The second in a three-part exhibition series titled ‘Junko Mizuno’s Food Obsession’, Ambrosial Affair invites viewers into a world of delightfully dark and erotic food fetishes that views eating as a metaphor for female sexual appetite and power. The twenty works on display highlight Mizuno’s mastery of both traditional Japanese and contemporary illustrative techniques. Using acrylic, ink and graphite Mizuno has created visually stunning and content-rich pieces that walk a fascinating line between the adorable, humorous, mysterious and grotesque.

3PM – 6PM
2104 Dundas Street West
Toronto, ON, M6R 1W9

[̲̅♥̲F̲̲̅̅A̲̲̅̅N̲̲̅̅C̲̲̅̅Y̲̲̅̅ ̲̲̅̅B̲̲̅̅L̲̲̅̅I̲̲̅̅N̲̲̅̅D̲̲̅̅Z̲̲̅̅♥̲̅] w CASUAL BOYZ feat. SPARKLE Q

[̲̅♥̲̲̅̅F̲̲̅̅A̲̲̅̅N̲̲̅̅C̲̲̅̅Y̲̲̅̅ ̲̲̅̅B̲̲̅̅L̲̲̅̅I̲̲̅̅N̲̲̅̅D̲̲̅̅Z̲̲̅̅♥̲̅]



Diana Lynn VanderMeulen ON THE BAR



`·. ƑДИ₡Ψ ɃŁ!ИÐ₴
“its so casual”

Milk Glass
1247 Dundas Street West.,Toronto,
Ontario M6J 1X6

Sunday, February 22, 2015

BLACK FUTURE MONTH 3015 – Opening Reception

Black Future Month 3015 takes place in February at OCAD University on the year of its 125th anniversary. Known for being a leader in forward creative thinking and innovation OCAD U is a spectacular home for this exhibition that captures the visions of Black creatives imagining the great possibilities of our distant future.

The exhibition includes Black artists, designers and multi-media creatives across all disciplines. Painting, photography, 3-D rendering, laser printing, graphic design, illustration, Lego sculpture, performance art, dub, spoken word, audio soundscapes, video projection and architecture.

OCAD University
100 McCaul Street, Toronto,
Ontario M5T 1W1

Monday, February 23, 2015

Artist talk: Giles Round

Giles Round looks to the language of modernism to explore the history of ideological positions that proposed methods for new modes of living and production, and the influence these have had on how we live in the present. His works trace alternative histories of British modernism – those that are often overshadowed by the canonical modernist narrative and particularly those relating to the decorative or domestic. As such, his work encompasses sculpture, architecture, typography, furniture and functional objects. Through these various forms he engages with the discourse and ideas that dismantle the hierarchies between applied and fine arts and merge art and life. There exists an allusion to moments of collectivity, inherent within the history of modernism itself, hinting at past, present and future euphoria. Since 2011, he has been working on three conceptually driven long-term and large-scale projects; The Coniston Secession, The Grantchester Pottery and THE SCHTIP. The Grantchester Pottery mimics the structure of historic artist decorative arts studios such as Omega Workshops and Hammer Prints Ltd, to embrace and elicit collaborative anonymous artist design, producing utilitarian ceramics, alongside other decorative household items – such as printed and woven textiles, wallpaper, painted furniture and hand painted murals. Developed in close collaboration with Grizedale Arts, Cumbria, The Coniston Secession, is a long-term project and meta-structure in which to produce works – Grizedale Arts acts as producer and skilled artisans as manufacturers. THE SCHTIP is a collaboration between two artists, Giles Round & Sarah Staton. Founded in April 2013, THE SCHTIP is mutable in form and has to date operated as gallery, architectural practice and artist.

Mercer Union, a centre for contemporary art
1286 Bloor Street West, Toronto,
Ontario M6H 1N9

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

REBECCA BELMORE | Howard and Carole Tanenbaum Lecture Series

Join artist Rebecca Belmore for a lecture on her recent work. Belmore (Anishinaabe) is a member of the Lac Seul First Nation currently living and working in Montreal. Through a variety of media, including performance, sculpture, video and installation, she confronts Canada’s continued colonial impact on First Nations peoples to release and empower her community through art. Her work appears alongside six other artists in Anti-Glamour: Portraits of Women, on view at the Ryerson Image Centre until April 5, 2015.

The event is FREE and open to the public. The Howard and Carole Tanenbaum Lecture Series is presented by the Ryerson Image Centre in partnership with Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts. Please arrive early to ensure seating.

Rogers Communication Centre,
Ryerson University
80 Gould Street, RCC-204

Walter Scott: Habitual Present

In Yokohama, Home Depot is called Sekichu. Selling sheets of wood and plexiglass, it’s your responsibility to make your own surfaces – tables, temples, places to eat, places to pray; those decisions are left to you.

Habitual Present at 8-11 is another chapter in a continuing, untitled narrative that has taken the form of comics, sculpture, performance, and watching Paramore videos from a mattress on the floor. Situated between an habitual, relentless somatic viscerality and a semi-fictional auto-biography is the desire to embody both, to be present somewhere, and for that to be okay.

233 Spadina, Toronto,

Thursday, February 26th, 2015

Matthew James Cangiano: The Will to Power

Competition weighs in heavily on the societal minds and aspirations of the collective contemporary North American psyche. Those of us living in a position of moderate economic good fortune exist concurrently with rapidly changing technology and the ability to share and distribute information at exceptionally accelerated speeds. We are taught from a young age that acceleration means, very simply, to go faster, and that by doing so, we must find something to compare our speed and success to. What was once a display of strength and success that needed only to be made to a moderately sized community or network, now has the potential to be projected and reach farther than ever before, thus expanding the virtual and physical territory available for conquest.

Cangiano employs the aesthetic tropes of classic machismo imagery to create a visual exploration of an uphill power struggle between a single person’s capability to achieve great success while pitted against similar efforts on the part of millions of other bodies that also conspire for power, and why traditional representations of what it means to be the strongest, most powerful or simply THE BEST have begun to lose potency.

6PM -8PM
Birch Contemporary
129 Tecumseth St, Toronto,
Ontario M6J 262

Chloé Desjardins: The Sculptor’s Studio

The Sculptor’s Studio brings together a selection of recent works by Desjardins that are the result of several years’ worth of sustained research and practice. Having previously worked with techniques to reproduce specific forms of packaging (bubble wrap, cardboard boxes), the sculptural results of which trouble the distinction between ‘workaday’ and ‘art’ objects, Desjardins continues her exploration of the often romanticised value of ‘artistic labour’ through the imagery and symbols of an archetypal studio, particularly, that of a sculptor. Representations of fixtures such as a worktable (simplified almost to the point of a sketch), tools and materials (a pallet, scissors case and a pile of plaster) and sculptures of casting moulds reflexively turn the material process of sculptural creation back on itself. Together these works create a microcosm, independent of time and reality, which serves as a meditation on both the creative process and the germination of artistic ideas and forms. However, a deliberate formal blurring makes it difficult to ascertain how the works are made or what precisely they represent. Rather than a continuous narrative, an assorted collection of forms, processes, and materials is presented; all white—almost ghostly—the works are less a representation of specific physical forms, and more a materialization of the idea of such forms.

6PM – 8PM
Birch Contemporary
129 Tecumseth St, Toronto,
Ontario M6J 262


Hidden diner within a convenience store.
Stools, styrofoam cups and a laminate counter top.
The ketchup, the vinegar, the napkins, the salt, the pepper, the sugar.
Bacon, ham, sausage, eggs, french toast, pancakes, burger, fries, BLT, clubhouse.
Don’t order the steak.
Juice comes from a vending machine.
The coffee is sludge. Open at 6AM.
All day breakfast.
A ma and pa greasy spoon kind of thing.

Jr. Projects
1446 Dundas St. West

Krista Buecking: February 26 – April 4, 2015

Buecking’s continued investigation into the products (and consequences) of neoliberalism reemerge here in her latest installation. Titled MATTERS OF FACT, she appropriates the recurring motifs of neoliberalism in order to interrogate its value and efficacy. For this exhibition, Buecking presents a suite of drawings executed in coloured pencil, depicting computer-generated gradients. Layered on top of these drawings are solid graphics painted directly on the glass of each framed drawing. These graphics literally float on their shaded voids and borrow from the visual language of modernist abstraction, economic infographics, and models from early childhood education. Accompanying the drawings is an audio “soundtrack” composed from sounds drawn from teenage melodramas, infomercial stingers and lead-ins, self-help seminars, and canned music. Watching over the installation is a wall mounted clock—its numbers stripped away—and a reminder, perhaps, of the division of time and of the anxieties of time spent or wasted, and wonders: what exactly are we being sold?

7PM – 9PM
Susan Hobbs Gallery
137 Tecumseth Street, Toronto,
Ontario M6J 2H2

Friday, February 27, 2015

Alex Fischer: 1, 7, and 6000

ALEX FISCHER (b. 1986, Canada) is an artist living and working in Toronto, Canada. His practice constitutes digital-image making as an extension of traditional artistic media. Fischer’s painterly gestures, cutout photos, pencil-thin lines, and patterns all coalesce upon the digital canvas with apt consideration for the image’s plural life as both a printed edition and a JPEG.

In the fall of 2013, his third solo exhibition with O’Born Contemporary continued to expose an earnest meditation on and representation of being in the world today. In early 2014, he completed a digital workshop at OCAD University and was featured in Angell Gallery’s digitally-focused “Simulators II”. The summer of that same year saw his inclusion in Art Mûr’s 10th anniversary exhibition of “Peinture fraîche”. His work has been exhibited internationally, including a solo presentation at VOLTANY12, and is featured in noted private and corporate collections including Statoil, TD Bank Group Collection and BNY Mellon Bank. This is Fischer’s fourth solo exhibition with O’Born Contemporary.

6PM – 9PM
O’Born Contemporary
131 Ossington Avenue, Toronto,
Ontario M6J 2Z6

Divadale Project: A Trespassing Event


In the third edition of SpaceSeries Divadale Project is an art event that is taking over a destitute property before its demolition. It is a terrain vague that is given a new definition by the concentration of works created by artists who are recognized for their sharp and witty expressions. Sean Martindale, Pascal Paquette, Cindy Blazevic and PA System, each represent, make and narrate slices of Toronto’s urban landscape in form of graffiti, murals, sculpture and photography. They are individuals who are literally and conceptually painting and making the visual iconography of Toronto’s urban culture, but they are also emblematic of the cultural renaissance that the city is going through as its massive army of condos grow in numbers and heights. In Divadale Project they have treated the house no different than found surfaces of the city they usually work with and took advantage of every possible architectural element as a blank canvas.

6PM – 10PM
82 Divadale Drive,
Toronto, On


Deadline: February 25th, 2015

We are thrilled to announce that OCAD U will again partner with TIMERAISER to support artists, nonprofits and collectors!
This is an awesome opportunity open to all emerging artist members of the OCAD U community!! Current students can submit the special OCAD U student category!
Sell your work and support a great cause!

Additional Information: LINK HERE

By the Pound 6 ~ Call for submissions
Deadline: March 15, 2015

Goodfellas Gallery is proud to present the 6th annual By the Pound exhibit featuring 100 artists hand selected from the emerging art community.

Typically our gallery is entirely private exhibiting only our represented artists, but once a year we open our doors to the young emerging talent to give them an opportunity to grow and build their portfolios, as well as an opportunity to exhibit and sell to our clients. We also view this as an opportunity to find fresh talent and tend to poach an artists to add to the gallery roster.

Additional Information: LINK HERE

SHOW.15 Call for Submissions – Idea Exchange
Deadline: March 27, 2015

SHOW.15, now in its sixth installment, is a biannual summer exhibition at Idea Exchange (previously Cambridge Galleries) dedicated exclusively to promoting the work of emerging Ontario artists. SHOW.15 will take place at Idea Exchange, Cambridge Ontario, from July 10 to August 29, 2015.

Idea Exchange is looking for Ontario artists who have been exhibiting professionally for less than 5 years or have recently completed their BFA, MFA or equivalent. Current students are also eligible to apply.

SHOW.15 will spotlight up to 12 artists that represent a snapshot of fresh talent from across Ontario. Submissions in all medium are welcomed, including off site projects.

Additional Information: LINK HERE

Cedar Ridge Creative Centre / Summer Residency Program
Deadline: March 31, 2015

The Cedar Ridge Summer Residency is a program run by Toronto Arts & Culture Services at Cedar Ridge Creative Centre. The residency is a legacy project of the City of Toronto’s Cultural Hotspot project for South Scarborough and welcomes one visual artist during centre hours for the months of July and August culminating in a September exhibit of the resident’s work in the Cedar Ridge Gallery. The residency offers a working environment that supports the artistic process for emerging and mid-career artists.

The Gardener’s Cottage, 2014 Residency Site

The residency opportunity is open to emerging and mid-career artists creating two-dimensional visual art pieces. Applicants must be residents of the City of Toronto and must not be enrolled in any arts degree or diploma program. Our priority is to reflect the diversity of the community we serve. Women, young adults 18-30, people with disabilities, Aboriginal/First Nations people, and members of racial minorities are especially encouraged to apply.

Additional Information: LINK HERE

Call for Submissions:
The Dark Room 4.0

Deadline: March 13, 2015

918 Bathurst Centre for Culture, Arts Media and Education is seeking submissions for our fourth annual The Dark Room 4.0. This exhibition celebrates analogue and alternative process photography, and the intriguing work these methods produce.

Photographers using analogue and alternatives to digital photographic processes are invited to submit their work. This includes film negatives, pinhole, collodion/wet plate, silver gelatin, platinum prints, camera obscura, lomography, photograms, or other experimental uses of the wet/dark room.

The exhibition consists of two distinct components: On April 23, all accepted submissions will be displayed at Gallery 918 in a public showcase and celebration. During this event, both the public and our invited jury will select the photographs to be shown during our official two-week exhibition from May 5 – 29. Artists selected for this exhibition will be eligible for awards provided by our sponsors and partners, including Rizzoli Books.

Additional Information: LINK HERE