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Call for Submissions, Workshops and Art Openings

Call for Submission

YTB Gallery: Call for Submissions
Deadline: January 12, 2015

Younger Than Beyoncé Gallery is currently accepting submissions from emerging artists under the age of 33 for a series of exhibitions to be held at our temporary space. Our mandate is to exhibit emergent and experimental art practices by Toronto and area artists. This call is also open to young curators to curate a show following our mandate.

YTB Gallery aims to support work that is conceptually rigorous, responds to life in Toronto, engages with being part of Generation Y, and explores notions of failure, glamour, humour and resourcefulness.

We encourage a discursive space where critical conversations and risk taking can emerge through responding to audience, artists and the community. We accept submissions of visual art in all media, with the understanding that selected artists will work with the Gallery to arrange appropriate technical requirements for the display of their work. We only accept electronic submissions.

Submission guidelines:
Tell us about your art practice (a short 250-word statement or ten minute phone conversation with us- writing is not always the best way to describe a practice!) Include a short bio and ten images of work you have made or are about to complete, or a short video. No CV is required, but do mention any education you have received and your age. Email all submissions to:

Monday, January 12th, 2015 (As long as you are 33 or under by the deadline, you are eligible to apply).

Additional Information: Link Here

By the Pound 6 ~ Call for submissions
Deadline: February 25th , 2015

Goodfellas Gallery is proud to present the 6th annual By the Pound exhibit featuring 100 artists hand selected from the emerging art community.

Typically our gallery is entirely private exhibiting only our represented artists, but once a year we open our doors to the young emerging talent to give them an opportunity to grow and build their portfolios, as well as an opportunity to exhibit and sell to our clients. We also view this as an opportunity to find fresh talent and tend to poach an artists to add to the gallery roster.


By the Pound is exactly as it sounds. We are comparing art to meat in the context that if you know good quality meat, you purchase from your local butch, a fresh proper cut, not frozen or pre packaged like the big box grocery stores, with art it is the difference in purchasing original art and supporting a local artist, as oppose to buying a mass produced print from ikea, where the typical unexperienced art buyer would flock to. We host this exhibit to push emerging art, and turn the idea of purchasing original art from a gallery into a less intimidating process.

All artist must pay a $75 hanging fee once your work goes through the critique process and you are accepted into the show. All artists accepted can submit UP TO 3 pieces with their fee. ALL ART MUST be done on 1.5 inch thick gallery style canvas or wood panel, or framed in 1.5 inch gallery framing. No piece can be larger than 2ft x 2ft (24″x24″) and this year we are accepting framed photography as well.

To submit to this exhibit you must send a few sample images of your work, or a link to your website to

The opening reception:

The gallery gets transformed into a butcher shop, with all the selected works hanging. Our gallery staff can be directed to pieces clients are interested in and they will be removed from the wall and weighed in front of the client. All art will be sold at $150/pound, and pieces chosen for purchase will be wrapped and taken on the spot the night of the opening reception. The exhibit opens March 19th from 7pm – 11pm and is RSVP only. Food and drinks will be available for all in attendance.

Looking forward to seeing some fresh new faces and having a great show! The deadline for submissions is Feb 25th, 2015 and spaces are limited to 100.

Additional Information: Link Here

Deadline: January 30th, 2015

Patterns Magazine invites submissions of visual art and design, creative writing, critical essays, reviews and interviews on the theme APATHY. Selected works will be published in a large billposter format and installed in public locations.

Deadline: January 30, 2015

Submit to:

Find out more at


Patterns Magazine endeavours toward social and political change by publishing and disseminating art and creative writing along with critical essays, reviews and interviews on featured topics.

We publish in a billposter format and install each new issue by wheat paste in a public location. We use workshops and events to publicly disseminate information and skills and encourage on-the-spot engagement with art and creative writing under politically- and socially-engaged topics. Topics are decided at an event called Town Hall, where we discuss pressing issues with our communities and decide on a topic for the next issue of Patterns. We then release a call for submissions. Submissions are selected and published as a folio of billposters designed and printed by Patterns Magazine. Each new issue is launched and installed for display in a public location by wheat paste. Installation coincides with a Town Hall event. Find out more about Town Hall by visiting our website:

Additional Information: Link Here

HOLDING SPACE: Call For Submissions //CANADA-WIDE//
Deadline: January 17th, 2015


The first ever Canada-wide undergraduate fibres student exhibition, presented by the Concordia Fibres Students Association.

Textiles, with their pliable nature, both conceal and express what they contain. Whether loosely bundled or tightly wrapped, translucently veiled or impermeable, the outer package reveals a relationship with the mystery inside. The container may protect or restrain, but always creates a divide between the outside and inside, the known and the unknown, the public and the private.
To contain is selective, and to include also means to exclude. Elaborate vessels preserve and aggrandize holy relics. Clothing expresses the shape of the body and the personality of the wearer. Utilitarian tarps protect construction sites from the elements. We invite artists working in or around fibres and material practices to explore the notion of containing, concealing, conserving, or dividing, objects, space, or people.

Submission Requirements can be found at:

DEADLINE: Jan. 17th 2015

Additional Information: Link Here

Work Shops

CV Intensive Workshop

What’s the difference between a resumé and a CV (curriculum vitae)? What is relevant to include on a CV and how do you organize different types of experience in an efficient way that is easy to comprehend?

Putting together a CV can be an often tedious and challenging task, but it’s an extremely valuable and essential skill to have as an artist, curator or designer. Whether it is for school, applying for an exhibition at a gallery or artist run centre, applying for a grant or a residency, a CV is something that will come up again and again throughout every stage of your career.

Xpace will be hosting a CV intensive workshop this January. What better time to give your CV a well needed overhaul than right after the winter holidays, at the start of the new year?

Topics that will be covered:
How to format a CV
What to Include
What not to Include
One-on-one meetings

This workshop will be taught based on our experiences (Amber Landgraff, Director, and Brette Gabel and Adrienne Crossman, Programming Coordinators) as artists and curators as well as our respective positions at Xpace Cultural Centre.

We will also have one on one workshops available, so bring your CV at whatever stage it’s at for some feedback.

The workshop is free and open to anyone, but please RSVP to to reserve your spot.

Additional Information: Link Here

TV Tricks Workshop with Paul Moleiro

See TV and video in a new light with recent Integrated Media graduate Paul Moleiro. Learn how to experiment with shapes, gradients and patterns using cardboard and scissors. No previous experience required, lots of fun guaranteed!

Bring a VHS that you would like play with.

You can see some of Paul’s video work here:

The workshop is free and open to anyone, but please RSVP to to reserve your spot.

Additional Information: Link Here

Art Openings / Closing shows

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Placing Light

Photography has historically been defined as the meshing of two things: a flat surface covered in a photosensitive material, and the apparatus needed to filter light onto the material. In lieu of Greenbergian modernism, for an artwork to be successful it must adhere to the stylistic properties of its medium. In art history, this has been used as a language – allowing the physical properties of the medium to connote its apparent inherencies.

“Placing Light” ontologically addresses medium specificity, disregarding the criteria needed for photography to be ‘successful’. Instead, the exhibition purposes abstract and peripheral photographic equipment in order to consider photography in an expanded field. Justin Somjen’s interaction with the medium lays not only in its apparatus and light-sensitive materials, but in the materials that store, transport, and protect them. Nylon quilted camera bags have been deconstructed and reconstructed to create non-functional accessories which mirror an abstracted lens. These parts that make a whole stratify the gallery space, presenting a ‘mesh’ for the spectator that is both illusory and planar. The works allude to the specificity of photography while taking an affective turn towards a Foucauldian ‘depositif’, projecting assembled affects.

Justin Somjen is a photography-based artist practicing in Toronto. Recently graduated from Ryerson’s photography program, his work plays with photography’s inherent characteristics and utilizes them in sculptural compositions. Continually favoring form as a main subject, he retrieves shape, line and formal qualities to manifest in reductive allegories. Convinced that form carries equal historical and cultural weight to content, his work alludes to an array of themes; including minimalism, the instability of photography, media transformation, and hypermodernism.

1305 Powell St.
8pm – 12am


Come check out this group show I’m in at the Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre. The show is running from November 6, 2014 to January 8, 2015

The third exhibition of the RBC Emerging Artist Project Featuring work by OCAD.U alumni, faculty and students.

Franco Arcieri,
Michelle Forsyth,
Anda Kubis,
Rebecca Ladds,
Alex McLeod,
Hazel Meyer
Lisa Myers.

Curated by Andrea Fatona and Caroline Langill.

The Gallery hours are Thursday-Saturday 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. FREE admission.

Closing party on January 8 from 6 to 9 with live Sound performances by Franco Arcieri.

Elgin and Winter Garden Theatres
189 Yonge St, Toronto,
Ontario M5B 1M4
6pm – 8pm

~~~Sidewalkscreening.MOV Launch Party~~~

Curated by Mohammad Rezaei, Joshua Vettivelu, Iain Soder and Jonathan Carroll

.MOV Screening & Launch: January 8th, 9 PM – late, at Buddies in Bad Times
.MOV is a co-presentation by Whippersnapper and Pleasuredome

A selection of diverse video works, complex in their style and execution, .MOV kicks off with a screening & launch at Buddies in Bad Times. VJs/Curators Iain, Josh and Mohammad will introduce works throughout the evening, between the DJ styles of Cameron Lee, beers, and fresh tunes.

sidewalkscreening.MOV features:
Julia Kansas, Lisa Folkerson, Austin Taylor, Fake Injury Party, Cindy Kim, Karen Hawes, Blessie Anne Maturan, Vincent Chevalier, Stephen Cutler, Neal Moignard, José Andrés Mora, Aiden Holmans, Chris Heller, Taylor Doyle, Rosalie Mahuex, Kailey Bryan, Mée Rose, Sean Grounds, Brianna Lowe, Ricky Sonethasack, Claire Wright, hanski, & Nabeela Vega.

January 9 – February 4th
Screening at Whippersnapper Gallery daily from 5-11pm

ACCESSIBILITY: Buddies In Bad Times Theatre is a fully accessible space. This event will be held in Tallulah’s Cabaret. There will be a DJ booth and some work screened upstairs as well as work screened on the bottom floor. We encourage all guests to come as scent-free as possible.

Whippersnapper Gallery graciously acknowledges the support of Canada Council For the Arts in making this project possible.

Buddies In Bad Times Theatre
12 Alexander Street, Toronto,
Ontario M4Y 1B4
8pm – 1am

Correctability, Correct Ability

Sculpture, installation, painting, drawing, photography,

also a month – long residency: Critical Theory

Artist’s Statement:

Correctability, Correct Ability

Yes that is right.

Yes, That Is (also,,, Right )

Somethingchangeable, evolutionary—in a decisive way (to correct). And (then the second pair appears/disappears> as almost the same meaning as the first, but they can be slightly different, they can be completelyDifferennt.

It suggests more about being “able,,” to be correct… But there is no “correctness” in my work, there is only satisfaction—being “able” to FEEL correct

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Robert Kananaj Gallery
172 St Helens Avenue, Toronto,
Ontario M6H 4A1
4pm – 7pm

Friday, January 10th,2015

Connor Olthuis: Never Drink Flood Water

‘Never Drink Flood Water’ exhibition January 9 – 24, 2015
Opening reception, January 9, 2015 7-9pm
For more information visit:

Connor Olthuis is a interdisciplinary artist currently based in Toronto. Awarded with the program medal for his thesis work in the department of Integrated Media at OCADU, his practice explores themes of branding and networks. Working with kinetic and static sculpture, print, video, and photography, his work has been exhibited in Toronto, Hamilton, and Montreal.

Olthuis is the recipient of the 2015 InterAccess Media Arts Award. The InterAccess Media Arts Prize is awarded to a graduating student of the Integrated Media program at OCADU. The prize was first awarded in 1990.

9 Ossington Avenue, Toronto,
Ontario M6J 2Y8
7pm – 11pm