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Thursday, February 12, 2015


Lacis is defined by a chain mail pattern of participation that emphasizes an ethos of community, collaboration and mentorship. The exhibition was enkindled by Claire Bartleman, who tasked herself with inviting women from her immediate art community to exhibit alongside her in an effort to visualize the unofficial networks of collaboration, support and mentorship that she sees between her female peers. Each willing participant subsequently invited another, who invited another, and so forth. What results is a collection of works that are linked by relationships rather than aesthetics or content. Consequently, dialogues between the works reflect individual relationships and simultaneously create broader collective narratives. Informed by feminism and personal experience this process-based exhibition highlights the value of fellowship to professional practice

7pm – 10pm
OCAD U Student Gallery
52 McCaul Street, Toronto,
Ontario M5T1W1

TD Bank Then and Now Series & Talwst Present ‘NUBIANS’

Canadian Artist TALWST is excited to present ‘NUBIANS’ in joint efforts with TD’s Then & Now Series, to help spread knowledge of Black history and identity through visual art. On February 12th, 2015, and for one night only, join TALWST at the Drake Lab for the chance to open, close, and closely inspect the artist’s incredible new series of hand-held dioramas.

Guests are to arrive between 6:30-10:30 pm, where they will be assembled and escorted in small groups to the exclusive showing of ‘NUBIANS.’ This will be a unique opportunity for audiences to engage with the artist and his work, which places itself against the traditions and trends in Western art both artistically and conceptually. This project subscribes to the apt notion that a little can go a long way.

1140 Queen Street W


Bodega is random cool people selling their random cool things in (bitch you guessed it) random cool places. If you are anything like me then you have at least one friend. Chances are that friend probably does something cool at some point. Thats where Bodega comes in.

We are amidst a change in this world where no longer can you finish High School and walk onto the assembly line at GM starting at $33/hr with full benefits and have 4 kids, a house, and 2 cars by the time you are 22. The ‘stay-at-home-mom’ is now a myth. This is a World for young entrepreneurs who must make and take what is theirs, and we at Bodega support the Struggle Life.
If even one of us can afford our Rogers bill after this night, it will be a smashing success. Or… you could just go to the mall and get in the line bro.

Studio Bar
824 Dundas Street West, Toronto,
Ontario M6J 1V3

TRACEY EMIN:“I Promise to Love You”

Curated by Public Art Management, ARTable presents “I Promise to Love You” by renowned artist Tracey Emin at Richmond-Adelaide Centre for the month of February.
Born in London in 1963, Emin studied at Maidstone College of Art and the Royal College of Art, London. Emin has made a name in the art world, exhibiting internationally in countries such as Holland, Germany, Australia, Japan and America.
Emin emerged predominantly in the 1980’s, producing a variety of provocative pieces in a combination of mediums from textiles and painting to sculpture and video. She was inducted into the Royal Academy of Arts in London where she was appointed a professor of drawing in 2011.
Emin’s work resonates with political and feminist discourse, and her work is a reflective expression of her own personal life, both challenging to the viewer as well as inviting.

Richmond – Adelaide Centre
130 Adelaide

Reception: Alex Bierk, Lyla Rye & Sarah Sands Phillips : 3 concurrent exhibitions

Join us on the 12th at the opening of 3 concurrent exhibitions. Exhibiting artists: Alex Bierk, Lyla Rye and Sarah Sands Phillips will be in attendance.

6PM – 9PM
1520 Queen St. W. Toronto,
On, M6R 1A4

Friday, February 13, 2015

Long Winter presents: MIRANDA JULY: Early Video Works Retrospective!

Following the release of her complex debut novel, The First Bad Man, we thought it would be festive to look back at Miranda July’s early video work as part of this month’s Long Winter! In these early works, we see July developing her signature, and singular tone as the shapeshifting performer we have come to know and love. These works are at once awkward, sad, funny & complicated as only July could combine them.

The Great Hall
1087 Queen W, Toronto,
Ontario M6J 1H3


This friday the 13th we’re shaking things up and having a party celebrating the cities next wave of creatives. We’ve got American Apparel photographer Cary Fagan from Houston,Texas and OG PRE INSTA Toronto photographer Brandon Jordan who will be taking pics on disposable cameras documenting the night.

974 Bloor st.



Unlucky or Lucky Lovers alike
Costume up for this year’s Valloween

MC’d by the delicious Riff Randell

Spooky and Sultry Music courtesy of:

Bad Boi Alex Low
Cell Memory AKA Deej AyGay

Voluptuous Visuals courtesy of
APN (Analog Preservation Network)
Brandon A. Dalmer
Morris Fox
Vanessa B. Rieger

Leave dat heartache at the door and open your arms to a night of dancing, flurting, sipping, and dipping.

Coach House of 401 Richmond Street West,
Toronto, Ontario M5V

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Maggie Groat, for insufficient interest in present circumstances

For insufficient interest in present circumstances

Is a vision, a site and a field of study.

A floating space situated between the cold, wet, real, lengthening light, and the longing for possible futures, images and tools pull between here and there – as veil, as balancer, as reminder, and in aid of.

A space for alternative remedy, magnified fields, geometric healings and gathered ineffables.

Collected tools for directions, reconnections, wayfindings, wanderings, unseeables, wonderings, outsidings, action reportings, future seeings and interconnectivities.

A spectrum, an unfolding, a salvaging, for provisionality and for attempts at accessing the marginal.

For escaping living more in the future than in the present / For aiding living more in the future than the present.

3PM – 6PM
1450 Dundas Street West,
Toronto, Ontario M6J 1Y6

Either a New or Existing Character, an exhibition of new work by Liza Eurich

For her second solo exhibition at MKG127, Eurich will be presenting work that: emphasizes negative space, is hollow, has a faceted surface, contains other work(s), is concealed, is layered, has multiple components, is not a multiple, is like a drawing, incorporates text, is stationary, has reticent characteristics, is monochromatic, uses straight lines only, references Agnes Martin, is fragile, consists of more than three materials, is made of ceramic, was built, is freestanding, requires a plinth, uses keyholes, uses a French cleat, is in its third iteration, is in a series of three, is positioned adjacently, is architectural, references something from an Ikea catalogue, is functional, is recognizable, does not resemble an animal, was almost omitted.

Liza Eurich completed her BFA from Emily Carr University in 2010 and her MFA from Western University in 2012. She co-publishes the online project Moire and interned for the contemporary art magazine Fillip. Her work has been exhibited at the McIntosh Gallery, the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery, the Power Plant Gallery, Neutral Ground, and Plug-In ICA. She will be participating in forthcoming shows at the Hamilton Artists Inc. and Open Studios, as well as undertaking residencies in conjunction with the Glasgow Sculpture Studio and CCA/Acme Studios in London, UK.

2PM – 5PM
1445 Dundas St. W., T
oronto, Ontario M6J 1Y7

Valentine’s Prom @ Soybomb!



For fans of:
-Enrique Iglesias
-Savage Garden
-R. Kelly

Dressing up is encouraged but not required

$5 / PWYC
All money will fill the sad void of Soybomb’s rent.

All ages

Bathurst, Toronto,
Ontario M5V2R3

SECTION 210: A Performance by Melissa Koziebrocki

No solicitation allowed. Section 210 is a historical enactment of the 1981 ‘Operation Soap’ Bathhouse raids and subsequent arrests of hundreds of “found’ins” as documented in the CLGA Archives. The performance will depict the alleged acts of the Police, as well, the due process and excessive investigatory tactics of the criminal justice system will be used to replicate said experience.

at the Canadian Lesbian And Gay Archives
34 Isabella Street, Toronto

The Cloud of Unknowing: Installation by Ho Tzu Nyen

Pleasure Dome and Trinity Square Video are pleased to present Ho Tzu Nyen’s immersive and theatrical audio and visual installation The Cloud of Unknowing. Commissioned for Singapore’s participation in the 54th Venice Art Biennale, The Cloud of Unknowing is titled after a fourteenth century mystical treatise on faith, where the cloud paradoxically acts as a metaphor for both an impediment to, and reconciliation with, the unknown or the divine experience.

Shot in a decaying block of vacated apartments in the remote outskirts of Singapore, The Cloud of Unknowing is fittingly flooded with ghostly presences. Ethereal clouds infiltrate and invade the homes of the eight characters, culminating in hysterical confrontations with inscrutable specters. Each vignette is based on characters drawn from Western European artworks by such artists as Tintoretto, Caravaggio, Francisco de Zurbarán, Antonio da Correggio, Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini, and René Magritte, as well as the Eastern landscapes of Mi Fu and Wen Zhengming.

This blending of cultural, historical, and philosophical references is prevalent in Nyen’s practice as he speaks to the predicament of representing and interpreting contemporary art discourse through a Southeast Asian lens—more specifically from Singapore-based perspective (were he was born in 1976). Through this incorporation of Eastern and Western cultural, historical, and philosophical references, The Cloud of Unknowing collapses binaries through vaporous reinterpretation and integration of cultural narratives.

4PM – 6PM
Trinity Square Video Gallery, 376 — 401 Richmond Street West


Deadline: February 25th, 2015

We are thrilled to announce that OCAD U will again partner with TIMERAISER to support artists, nonprofits and collectors!
This is an awesome opportunity open to all emerging artist members of the OCAD U community!! Current students can submit the special OCAD U student category!
Sell your work and support a great cause!

Additional Information: LINK HERE

By the Pound 6 ~ Call for submissions
Deadline: February 25th, 2015

Goodfellas Gallery is proud to present the 6th annual By the Pound exhibit featuring 100 artists hand selected from the emerging art community.

Typically our gallery is entirely private exhibiting only our represented artists, but once a year we open our doors to the young emerging talent to give them an opportunity to grow and build their portfolios, as well as an opportunity to exhibit and sell to our clients. We also view this as an opportunity to find fresh talent and tend to poach an artists to add to the gallery roster.


By the Pound is exactly as it sounds. We are comparing art to meat in the context that if you know good quality meat, you purchase from your local butch, a fresh proper cut, not frozen or pre packaged like the big box grocery stores, with art it is the difference in purchasing original art and supporting a local artist, as oppose to buying a mass produced print from ikea, where the typical unexperienced art buyer would flock to. We host this exhibit to push emerging art, and turn the idea of purchasing original art from a gallery into a less intimidating process.

Additional Informtation: LINK HERE

SHOW.15 Call for Submissions – Idea Exchange
Deadline: March 27th, 2015

CALL FOR ARTWORKS by emerging artists in Ontario

SHOW.15, now in its sixth installment, is a biannual summer exhibition at Idea Exchange (previously Cambridge Galleries) dedicated exclusively to promoting the work of emerging Ontario artists. SHOW.15 will take place at Idea Exchange, Cambridge Ontario, from July 10 to August 29, 2015.

Idea Exchange is looking for Ontario artists who have been exhibiting professionally for less than 5 years or have recently completed their BFA, MFA or equivalent. Current students are also eligible to apply.

SHOW.15 will spotlight up to 12 artists that represent a snapshot of fresh talent from across Ontario. Submissions in all medium are welcomed, including off site projects.

Additional Information: LINK HERE

Call For Submissions: External Space
Our External Space is located on the OCAD University Campus in the Learning Zone. The External Space offers opportunities for media based works, with an emphasis on video, animation, or sound pieces. Screened on a video monitor in the Learning Zone, and hosted on the homepage of our website, exhibitions typically last 6 weeks.
Xpace Cultural Centre is looking for submissions of new or existing video work to be exhibited in our External Space during our 2014/2015 Programming Year.
Xpace does not accept submissions over email.  Please make sure to include hardcopies of all written material and a clearly labeled disk or USB drive with support images.

Additional Information: LINK HERE

Submit To Xpace
Deadline: May 23, 2015

Xpace Cultural Centre accepts proposals of all media from student and emerging artists, curators and/or designers. Our programming committee meets twice yearly to consider submissions.
Xpace does not accept submissions over email. Please mail or drop off submissions to: 2-303 Lansdowne Ave, Toronto, ON M6K 2W5 c/o The Programming Committee.

Additional Information: LINK HERE