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April Programming at Xpace Opening Reception

Xpace Cultural Centre, 
2-303 Lansdowne Ave (Between College and Dundas)
Friday, April 12, 2013
7- 11pm
Please join us for our Spring 2013 round of Programming. There will be snacks, drinks and artists will be in attendance. Hope to see you there!
Main Space
An Illuminated iDentity
as part of Images Festival
Curated by David Hanes
With Emilie Gervais, Olivia Erlanger, Mary Kidd & Sarah Butterill, Jennifer Chan, Matthew Jarvis Wall, Sarah Wong, Jenna Crook and Connor Crawford
An Illuminated iDentity brings together 9 artists exploring what cultural identity and individuality looks like in an increasingly immersive digital world. As technology is integrated with daily life, presentations of identity frequently are mediated through this cybernetic lens. An Illuminated iDentity questions what it means to be an individual and how our cultural identities are formed when narratives merge exponentially with digital technologies.
Window Space
The Shelf
VSVSVS make a series of objects
For their installation in Xpace’s Window Gallery, the artist collective VSVSVS plays a sculpture game. Following a series of (arbitrary) rules in a battle against the tyranny of choice, when the game is complete they are left with a sequence of objects that speaks to the process of working collaboratively while valuing the individual. Each object is created as a response to the object preceding it, gradually revealing their shared material fetish, telepathic abilities, and moments of stubborn individualism. Finally, through the magic of the grid the work is evenly distributed with no one thing prioritized over the others.
Project Space
William Christopher Ellis is Dead
Created by Jordan Tannahill
Performance by WIlliam Christopher Ellis
on April 12th 7pm-9pm
William Christopher Ellis is Dead investigates the malleability of biography, portraiture, and the artist-muse relationship. Jordan Tannahill attempts to fill in the gaps of his partner Will’s life before they met and became lovers; fetishizing his humble beginnings in PEI to imagining a life for him as a Maritime hustler-turned-tragic-David Lynch-heroine who moves to the big city to make it in the movies. Filmed over the two years, it is both a love letter and a document of their relationship thus-far.
External Space
This Goes Out To All My Girls
Elise Boudreau Graham
Located on the OCAD U campus, in the Learning Zone
March 19th- April 23rd, 2013.
Minus the flashy sets, costumes and props, artist Elise Boudreau Graham mimics the choreography, from subtle shrugs to full body convulsions, used in Beyoncé’s Run The World (Girls) music video. Graham operates within the pop icon’s system as a method of revealing the essence of both Beyoncé and her own body language. This Goes Out To All My Girls probes pop culture and its use of female icons as conduits to perpetuate damaging abstractions of femininity.
Elise Boudreau Graham is an interdisciplinary artist whose work transpires in the space between personal relationships and the politics of the everyday. She likes to read critical theory, watch bad television, and take to the streets. She lives and works in Halifax, Nova Scotia and will receive a BFA from NSCAD University in Spring 2013.
*This is the final video of a series curated by OCAD U graduate student Jennifer Simaitis
image credit Olivia Erlanger 2013