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Call for Submissions: Xpace/Images Festival Student Exhibition – Deadline Extended

Deadline Extended: November 22nd, 2014

Open Call: Undergraduate and Graduate students artist working with the moving image and digital media.

Working Title: Spectral Visions

Xpace/IMAGES Festival is seeking proposals for student artists in the GTA working with digital and/or analogue media art.

In 1961 word of an out of work bellhop with psychic powers began to circulate in Chicago. His name was Ted Serios and he was rumoured to have a magical gift where by thought alone he could imprint images on Polaroid film. His photos were ghostly snapshots of familiar places and revealed the eerily metaphysical properties of analogue film. The 2014 Images Festival Exhibition seeks proposals for works that illustrate or apply the concept the ghost in the machine, that is the unexplainable or otherworldly occurrences that can arise when working creatively with technology. Technologies both contemporary and antiquated can behave in mystical ways, a phenomenon that can be mobilized for the purposes of artistic production. Proposals are encouraged to investigate the outlined theme formally, abstractly, or conceptually and may involve technologies that are either mechanical, analogue, or digital.

Proposals may include works that are, but are not limited to:
– analogue film
– video/installation
– web-based or internet art
– glitch art
– performance video
– animation
– interactive art
– cybernetics

Electronic submissions only can be sent to: [email protected]

Deadline: November 22nd, 2014

Include in your submission:

• images of the proposed work (or relevant work) or a link to a website and/or youtube/vimeo – MAXIMUM of 6 images (72dpi @ 768 x 1024)
• description of the proposed work, including physical qualities, spatial and hanging needs, technical requirements, etc (max. 150 words)
• brief artist statement and biography (max. 200 words)

For additional information contact the curator of the project Shauna Jean Doherty: [email protected]