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YESTERDAY’S TODAY, TOMORROW curated by Vikki Dziuma

Susan Campbell, Aryen Hoekstra, Brianna Lowe, Aamna Muzaffar, Tyler Muzzin, Nickey Runham, Andrew Zealley

MARCH 30 – APRIL 21, 2012

Friday, March 30th, 7-11pm and Friday, April 13th, 6-10pm

Yesterday’s Today, Tomorrow investigates impermanence and the recontextualization of art and history through digital media. The artists in this exhibition reference historical means of representation and delineate contemporary modes of interpretation in the information age. Each artist emphasizes the presence of historical documents and/or methodologies in art and culture through appropriation and process-based initiatives. The execution and representation of these subjects are unified by their ephemerality, exhibited through the contingent ambiguities of their content, physical properties, and separation from their historical context. Impermanence is perpetuated by technological developments in production as well as the various devices mediating such experiences. Yesterday’s Today, Tomorrowis both transient and contingent – a precarious affiliation with both yesterday and tomorrow.