the winter that persists, Malik McKoy

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January 8 – February 13, 2020

Malik McKoy

Essay by Kais Padamshi

“the winter that persists” is a digital visual that results out of countless nights of self-reflection
and manifestation. It expresses the torrential rush of emotions one experiences while trying to
grapple with an inflamed state of mind while in isolation.

My art practice mainly consists of painting and computer-generated visuals. The work I create
in both of these mediums is made using vibrant colours and playful forms, while the subject
matter is often subdued. I treat my digital work as a larger-than-life diary, so each work is an
entry without a clear sense of direction or an obvious starting point. The more I reflect, the
more the work snowballs and comes into its own. Something exclusive to my digital work apart
from my paintings is the strategic use of refractions, distortions, collage techniques, and forced
perspective to add tension as well as play with depth within the composition.

Xpace Cultural Centre is currently closed to the public and the exhibition can be viewed online here. Please stay tuned for future updates!