Stacie Ant, The Internet and how I Googled myself into inner heaven

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September 9 – October 21, 2016

Opening Reception: Friday, September 9, 7-10pm

Stacie Ant

Download Essay by Sara Nicole England

The Internet and how I googled myself into inner heaven is an IRL recreation of a cyber cathedral. Something in between an altar and a gift shop, Stacie Ant’s window display is meant to pay an homage to the spiritual side of the Internet- Psychedelic gifs, geocity web layouts and tasteful celebrity worship. The installation explores the revolutionary effect Internet has on the growth of spiritual culture through subjectivity of religion. We used to go to a priest or a religious organization for guidance, but now people turn towards Google to search for our own spiritual answers. This is the ultimate all inclusive window to your inner peace.

This exhibition was created during Xpace’s summer residency program for OCAD U graduates.

Documentation by Yuula Benivolski