Janis Demkiw

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Fundraiser JUNE 14-29, 2013

Artist: Janis Demkiw

Want Knot
1″ braided cord, rubber cane caps
Approx 2.5 yards


Janis Demkiw is a Toronto-based artist who uses found objects and materials to stage spatial disruptions, absurd shifts in scale, and approaches to display ranging from strategic to ridiculous. She gets along well alone and in groups.
Recent projects include 11:11 at the AGO’s Young Gallery (in collaboration with Christine Swintak, Olia Mishchenko, Sandy Plotnikoff & Sebastian Butt), as well as implication in the shenanigans of Terrarea (with Emily Hogg & Olia Mishchenko). She holds a BFA from York University with general fondness.