Intersections in Dance, curated by Victoria Mohr-Blakeney

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July 28th- August 26th, 2017

Opening Reception: Friday, July 28th, 7-10pm

Artists Involved: Daria Blum, Ella Cooper, Danièle Dennis, jes sachse, Allanah Vokes.

Image: Danièle Dennis,  Tek Ah Jump

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Featuring the work of Canadian and International artists Daria Blum, Ella Cooper, Danièle Dennis, jes sachse, and Allanah Vokes. Intersections in Dance investigates dance-centered methodologies via contemporary art practices. By way of video, drawing, photography, and social media, each artist positions dance in different ways: as a culturally encoded practice, a form resistant to analysis and notation, an act of embodied self-expression, and as a vehicle of somatic repression. Intersections in Dance asks us – what does the dancing body mean? And what can we learn from the dancing body through the lens of contemporary art?