Fall Programming Launch and Party

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September 11th, 2015, 7-10pm

2-303 Lansdowne Ave.

Join Xpace for the opening reception of our Fall exhibitions and the launch of our 2015/2016 programming year. Featuring a musical performance by Petra Glynt (petraglynt.com), installation by Alexandra MacKenzie, cake by Corey Moranis (coreymoranis.com), and work from our summer residency for recent OCAD U grads by Nyssa Komorowski, Katie Morton, Geneviève Wallen.

Corey Moranis is a multi-disciplinary artist living and working in Toronto and she is the force behind Coco`s Frosting Shack. Her explorations in colour, texture, and all things that sparkle have combined to create some of the freshest and most fabulous jewelry in the galaxy! Corey fashions all of her work personally and by hand. Nothing is mass produced and each object is handled with love and individual attention, which in turn means limited editions of unique wearable art pieces. Besides working with plastics, Corey also creates art using food (cake! ) and fibre practices.

Petra Glynt is the dreamy, operatic, synth-based alter ego of Toronto-based artist and musician Alexandra MacKenzie. Cutting her teeth as a vocalist and creatrix with punk trance bands Pachamama and Dentata, Petra Glynt is MacKenzie’s solo project, drawing on both her wizardly mastery of looping electronics and her intense alto vibrato tempered over years of traditional vocal training. Her maximalist acidic aesthetic drips with neon and flickers with opulent GIFs blares through both her visual art and her deeply textured atmospheric sound.

September 11th – October 30th, 2015
Lil Pink Photo Op
Katie Morton

Lil Pink is the daughter of Rose and Redmond White. She is named after their juice empire, Lil Pink Juice Industries. She is most famous for starring in her family’s reality show Red White and Juice, which focuses on the White family and their luxurious day-to-day experiences. Lil Pink is nominated for most influential teen of 2015 and has her own clothing line called Lil. She has more than 23 million followers on Instagram and is responsible for shaping the self-esteem of countless young girls.

Lil pink is here @xpacecc for a limited time to take selfies with her fans.

Feel free to take and share your selfie with #lilpinkselfie

September 11th – October 17th, 2015
Alexandra Mackenzie

In Swallowed, Alexandra Mackenzie (aka Petra Glynt) creates a vibrant universe using an array of screenprinted patterns and projected animated .gifs to wallpaper the interior of the gallery. Playing with the relationships between shape, geometry and texture, coherency and incoherency, layers and overlap, Mackenzie creates a womb-like world of stimulus.

September 11th – October 17th, 2015
-nuhsawʌhtat- to add on a room, to extend a house
Nyssa Komorowski

Kanuhséshn(e) means Longhouse, the traditional communal living arrangements of the Onʌyota’aka and other Haudenosaunee nations. As the extended family grows, -nuhsawʌhtat-, we add on new rooms, the house grows longer. We support each other. The contemporary longhouse is a community space, and an educational space. I claim this space to centre myself, explore interweavings between Aboriginal identity and spirituality, land rights issues, the effort to decolonize myself and our land, and to heal personal experiences of violence. – Nyssa Komorowski

With collaborations by Tobaron Waxman, Intergenerational LGBT Artist Residency; Haley Yael Firkser and Sara Parker-Toulson; and Veena Singh, Veenasaurus Rex on Youtube.

(located in the Learning Zone on the OCAD U campus, and hosted online at xpace.info)
September 15th – November 30th , 2015
Catching a Ghost
Christopher Garland

Catching a Ghost focuses on the idea of the private sphere as an area designated for containing negative or self-destructive feelings/behaviours. With cameras set up in different locations of Garland’s private domestic space, he mimics security footage, capturing himself under a white bed sheet. By inhabiting and haunting the home, this “ghost” claims the space and disturbs typical domestic happenings.

Poster by Alexandra Mackenzie