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Window Space

Yolk Miao Xuan Liu

Untitled. Moraa Stump

future re/collection Wenting Li

These Are My Reparations, episode 1: march 18th, 2465 Kim Ninkuru

Lebanon’s Rose وردة لبنان Christina Hajjar

Distrails Hiromi Nakatsugawa

How To Find A Palm Tree Jasmine Gui and Justine Wong

We Have Food at Home Madison Rudin

The Duality of Life and Death Ehiko Odeh

Recalling Amina Boufennara

Hush Now Sydney Madia

Alternative Tentacle 16

Munda (The Field) Chiedza Pasipanodya

Donde Brilla El Sol Izzy Paez

Belonging To Each Other Misbah Ahmed

To Save / To Make Jasmine Cardenas

Façade through the Façade Leila Fatemi

New words to describe old things Florence Yee

I Hope You’re Doing Well Danielle Coleman

Ha ha wall Erika Verhagen

Wear Your Soul in Wordy Yesterday Gold Xuan Ye

Tender Loving Care Liza Konovalov

Bai Sun Natalie Mark and Sharon Ma

Love Your Indigenous Foods, Love Your Indigenous Lands, Love Your Indigenous Self Chief Lady Bird

A Facade of Flesh, A Spirit of Skins Basil AlZeri

Do I Have to Lie to My Diary? Maddy Mathews

How the Curve Fits Inside the Square Arshia Salesi

The Aberrant Cat Lamora

community of care natalie king

changing or taking away an object’s function is the height of humour court gee

no-fluke/no-feed/no-swim/no-play/no-fun  Anna Eyler & Nicolas Lapointe

Soft Armour Erin Rei

Uncertain Landscapes JG

Pantry Shelf Kendra Yee

Fuwa Fuwa, Joie de Vivre Allison Burda and Cameron Gee

St. Michael and the Demon Philip Ocampo

altMFG Pop-Up Shop

Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better Melanie Billark

I Hope This is Fun to Look At Halloway Jones

In My Bedroom Noon is the Darkest Time of Day Monica Moraru

PlyGuy Luke Siemens

The Internet and how I Googled myself into inner heaven Stacie Ant

States of Being Adria Mirabelli and Yana Verba

Ultra Fine II Nadia Kuzmicz

Love is… Plastic Corey Moranis

Private Island Joleen Toner and Mohammad Rezaei

Lil Pink Photo Op Katie Morton

The Elusivity of Identity Bijan Ramezani

Relatives e howey

Orignal Sports Angel, The Marbled Plane Orignal Sports Angel

slow blink at pink sun Diana Lynn VanderMeulen

Impalpable Julia Redding

Extensions Carolyn Code

Non-Functional Objects in Space Georgina Lee Walker

Track and Field, Meeting Hudson Christie

I AM A MONSTER Elija Montgomery

CASH4KARMA Reid Jenkins

Long Live the Working Class Hannah Enkel & Philip Shelton

Live & Active Moirés Jacob Horwood

Chalk Form Census Alison Snowball