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SPARK Residency update!

Hey all! We’re very excited here at XPACE about our second annual SPARK Residency in Syracuse. We just sent two promising OCADU grads, Ursula Handleigh and Adrienne Crossman, for just over three weeks. They are going to be keeping us updated on what’s happening in Syracuse and all the exciting stuff they are working on. Here is their first post:

Day 6

Ursula and I moved into a big beautiful historic house at the start of the week. We’re staying in the attic. We also met up with Casey and Tyler from SPARK on Monday to get our keys and go over the space. It’s a great studio space and we’re excited to start working in there. So far we’ve explored Westcott, which seems to be the “hippest” area we could find and after today we will both have bikes! It’s a lot easier to get around the city on a bike here as everything is spread out.

We’ve also explored the University campus, which is gorgeous and we have yet to go downtown. Tyler was telling us about the Connective Corridor, which is a free bus system that takes you to art galleries and events downtown and around the city, so we are planning on checking it out today or tomorrow.

The art store is the size of a warehouse and they have everything! We are planning on building a make shift silk screen studio at SPARK and exploring different methods of print making in addition to video and photography. The architecture here is very inspiring.