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Opening Reception Friday, June 7th! 7pm

Please join us for an Opening Reception in all three of our spaces! There will be snacks, drinks, laughs, and artists present. 

7pm -11pm
XPACE Cultural Centre
58 Ossington Ave
Toronto, ON


Artist: Tonya Corkey
Title: “Your Friend, Freddie”

“Your Friend, Freddie” investigates the role that the photograph’s referent plays in memory and its loss over time. Corkey’s work uses the discarded material of lint to recreate found and second hand images, often using the iconic school photograph. As a byproduct of laundry, lint consists of fibers, hair, dead skin and other debris, referencing people and their daily, and often banal, activities. The care with which she uses the discarded materials of lint and cast off or lost photographs draws attention to the ease with which these memories are easily lost or forgotten.

Artist: William Andrew Finlay Stewart
Title: Hopscotch

William Andrew Finlay Stewart’s Hopscotch creates an environment of tension and anticipation through a complex structure of data translation, where the movement of a round of hopscotch is mediated by the maximum length of time members of a horn section can sustain a note within one breath. The video of the hopscotch is slowed down through computer editing to coincide with the sustained play of the instruments in real time. The composition of the music has been determined through a rendering of the numbers designating the ward system of Toronto. The piece itself becomes a poetic manifestation of a mundane political system, placed against the backdrop of Toronto’s alleys.

Artists: Kaitlyn Bourden, Jessica Allen, Nitasha Mcknight
Title: Denouncing Earthly Animal Desires

Denouncing Earthly Animal Desires draws visitors into the architecture of a gallery as both an exhibition space and a living organism. Bodily functions and the human form are represented as sculpture and site-specific installations. Bourden, Allen and Mcknight each construct grotesquely familiar forms from materials such as wax and plaster, with little colour or adornment. These meticulously rendered objects and installations illicit both allure and repulsion.