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Gardening with Native Plants

During For Us, By Us‘ opening night, there was a “Seed Swap” and everyone was welcomed to go home with a variety of native flower and vegetable seeds. We have  grOCAD  and professor Sayeh Dastgheib-Beheshti to thank for their generous contributions. In conversation with the exchange that occurred on the reception evening, I thought that it would be relevant to share an educational document provided by the Toronto Green Community. This PDF is a handout from a past workshop in which you will find a myriad of information, from site assessment to seed starting a variety of native plants.

Here are some benefits of gardening with native plants:

  • They are adapted and have evolved to suit the regional climate, soils and wildlife ƒ
  • They are more resistant to local pests, diseases and harsh weather (require no pesticide)
  • They need minimal watering
  • They provide shelter and food for local wildlife (who in turn provide fertilizer enriching the soil)
  • They help in the proliferations of pollinators like bees

Download Growing Guide Here

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