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its like, sorta summer

Current Mood:

Warmth is close, temperatures rising; its a nice time to be around the city. It has finally ended, the tediousness of this whole year has come to an end. I, personally, am blessed to see myself finally here. I feel like finally I have enough energy to socialize, dance real hard and like i don’t know, be inarticulate and pretend I didn’t spend a fortune on my education, for the first time in what feels like forever. I cannot wait to not use the word “meta”, “durational”,or any other exceptional adjective in casual conversation for at least a week. Summer is in the verge of presenting itself, so what are you getting up to? Hopefully, not reciting Drake lyrics and referring to Toronto as the SIX (please stop referring to Toronto as the six, omg).

go to a patio,
go drink something,
any place
you are free
free from school
for the summer


– jvkc