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43.654°N 79.385°W

Yuling Chen

April 11, 2018 - September 4, 2018

Essay by Shellie Zhang

April 11- September 4, 2018

Yuling Chen

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43.654°N 79.385°W is a performance by Yuling Chen walking and washing laundry. Toronto’s first Chinatown used to be where the new city hall and Nathan Phillips Square are. The first Chinatown residents were evicted and forced to relocate. Walking from the Square to the Chinese hand laundry up the street is the artist’s effort to revisit the painful history of migration, bringing back the forgotten past of the Square, which does not acknowledge its connection to the displacement of migrants. The video’s split screen signifies a border and boundary between lands. 43.654°N 79.385°W ultimately transgresses this boundary.