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Creating in the Grayscale: Intellectual property mindfulness for emerging artists & designers with Macy Siu

August 21, 2020

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Friday August 21st, 2020

1PM – 4PM


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This workshop will be hosted on Zoom. The Zoom code will be sent to those who registered the day of via email so please stay tuned for all info needed for logging in and accessing this event. Workshop is limited to 20 participants.

For emerging creatives, intellectual property is often described as “a really uncomfortable thing”. It can be stressful, overwhelming, and every situation is unique. How can we unpack this discomfort to tackle difficult IP conversations with care and respect? How might personal contexts, interests, and values play a role in advocating for the value of your work?

Join us for an interactive workshop to learn about the basics of IP in creative practice, participate in a roleplaying exercise with peers to learn from each others’ experiences, and generate a collective toolkit to embrace and navigate complexities in the grayscale.

Macy Siu is an artist and foresight strategist who is driven by expression and empowerment tied to the hyphen of in-between spaces. Her practice focuses on creating evidence-based speculative futures, soundscapes, and artifacts to imagine and drive conversations around possible inclusive futures. Macy is also a former intellectual property lawyer with a specific interest in legal design and access to justice for creatives. She is currently a board member of CARFAC Ontario, and a part of Artengine’s Digital Economies Lab.

Poster by Marisa Fulper Estrada