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Come to our next WINGDING!

Saturday January 28 2012, 1pm-5pm

If you are in need of art supplies, and have some kickin’ around that you aren’t using, why not bring them down to XPACE next Saturday to trade in for something you’ll love and USE!!!

– new/gently used arts and crafts materials or books
i.e. *markers, pens, paint, brushes, envelopes, paper supplies, staples, sponges, aprons, sculpey/fimo, instructional books, collage materials, canvas, wood, carving tools, nibs, pencils, cases, zippers, fabric, wool, ink, clay, glaze, etc etc etc
– items you never needed
– gifts you got but never opened
– things you purchased for a class but never did use!

Have fun, meet other artists, save money & get some great and useful items for your artist needs!