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Everything seems to be coming to an end. Grad Ex was last night and it showcased a lot of wonderful artists and peers of mine. So much art, so many people, seriously ridiculous. I left early, since I hate large groups of people so I am probably going to go back this weekend so I can actually look at everything. I am really happy for all the medal winners, very amazing and talented friends and artists. Its been a long year, but it was definitely worth it seeing everything thing come together last night.

So, this is my last post ever on the Xpace blog. it has been a really great few months working here and with all the amazing and talented people. Truly a great and memorable experience, I learned so much! The ladies that run this space are sincerely remarkable and it was a pleasure seeing how things go on behind the scenes and to be apart of something really amazing.

It was fun talking to you internet,
c ya l8r