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ATTAWAPISKAT Relief: Thank you for your support

A letter was sent on behalf on an organizer from True North Aid, thanking Xenia Benevolski and all of the volunteers and donors for organizing the relief donation drive at XPACE in early December of 2011.

Hello Xenia!

I am sending you this email on behalf of True North Aid, to thank you so much for your generosity, along with your co-workers in the hotel, in helping supply the community of Attawapiskat with much-needed food, clothing and winter supplies.  We also very much appreciated your organization of a Toronto drop-off location!  

My husband and I were actually on the forefront of the distribution in Attawapiskat a couple of weeks ago.  We saw, first-hand, the great need and the relief and thankfulness on the faces of those who received help.  Food provisions on this remote First Nations reserve are extremely expensive and many families struggle just to make ends meet every week.  It was such a privilege to be delivering boxes of food and supplies door to door – representing benevolent donors like yourselves, through True North Aid’s shipment!  I wish you could have seen, in person, the thankfulness on the faces of the many families we visited!  I have enclosed a couple of photos of the distribution. 

So, again, please accept our sincere thanks for your caring part in making Christmas 2011 a special one in Attawapiskat!

Jill Guindon

On behalf of XPACE, we would like to extend our thanks to everyone who made n effort to donate their time, money and goods to helping a community in dire need. Through the generosity of a number of individuals and groups, the drive was an overwhelming success. This is the beginning of an ongoing process. For more information on how to donate toward this and other causes, check the TRUE NORTH AID website.