Call for Submissions: The Body as a Fever Dream

Xpace Cultural Centre is seeking artworks from student and emerging artists for a group exhibition tentatively titled The Body as a Fever Dream, curated by Dallas Fellini. The exhibition will run from July 10 – August 8, 2020.

The Body as a Fever Dream explores ideas of presence and absence of the body. The exhibition addresses and explores the moments in which our understanding of and presence in our own bodies is fluctuating, and how this experience holds particular pertinence to bodies that are routinely scrutinized by society: trans bodies, women’s bodies, disabled bodies, racialized bodies, and fat bodies.

This exhibition speaks to the moments in which marginalized persons feel they do not wholly exist, moments where their physicality may encounter a limbo state between presence and absence. This exhibition explores how these experiences of disembodiment relate to individuals’ relationships with their own bodies. For many people in the formerly mentioned marginalized groups, understandings of and relationships with physical being-ness fluctuate between feeling dispossessed by their body, or inversely feeling triumphant and powerful in their body. This exhibition positions visual artists and contemporary dancers into a visual dialogue where they interact and form connections between the two art forms.

The visual artists will make the setting for a contemporary contact improvisation dance performance—a style of dance focussed on impulsivity and interaction between bodies. Guided by the music, the dancers will move through the centre of the gallery space, positioning themselves in relation to the featured artworks.

Please visit this link for a simultaneous call for emerging and student contemporary dancers to feature in this exhibition:

Submission of artworks in any and all mediums are welcomed and encouraged.

Key Words: (Dis)Embodiment, Absence, Liminality, Dissociation, The Body, Dance

Works must be ready for exhibition by July 7th, 2020. All applicants will be notified by May 2020. All selected participants will be paid a project fee for the exhibition.

DEADLINE: MARCH 29TH, 2020 at 11:59pm.


If you have any questions please contact programming coordinator Philip Leonard Ocampo at [email protected]