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Sunday, April 3rd, 2011 at 2pm – 5pm

Curated By:
Monica Laflamme

Artists Involved:
Sean Martindale, Posterchild, and AT.AW.

XPACE will be hosting an artist talk by three street artists, followed by a participatory project, where we encourage everyone to take part in an intervention (weather permitting).

The artists work’s consists of projects involving stencilling, wheat-pasting, poster pocket plants to sculptural installations. They will discuss their work and how it relates to activism through public interventions that… provoke and engage the urban landscape.

Space is limited so please contact Monica ([email protected]) to reserve your spot!

The artists:

AT.AW. modestly began in Toronto, Canada in 2008 and actively promotes ‘urban play’ with a DIY style of artwork.
Through the medium of street art, we optimistically subvert the often neglected, mediocre and complacent urban condition.”

POSTERCHILD creates public installations (or Street Art pieces) that are both playful and political. He creates his art to engage with his environment and those who share it with him. He does not seek to anger or upset his companions in the city; rather, he is searching for a benevolent, sustainable way to involve himself in our shared public spaces without being arrested or unnoticeable.
He focuses on thought-provoking works that uncomfortably straddle concepts of activism, advertising, graffiti, pranks, and vandalism.

SEAN MARTINDALE is an interdisciplinary artist and designer currently residing in Toronto Ontario, Canada. His interventions activate public and semi-public spaces to encourage engagement, frequently focused on ecological and social issues. His playful works question and suggest alternate possibilities for existing sites, infrastructures and materials found in urban environments. Often intentionally ephemeral and encountered by accident, his interventions engage others in city spaces