SAS, The Artists in Her Studio (After Jane Eyre)

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November 21 – December 13, 2014

Artists Involved:
SAS (Sagan MacIsaac, Arielle Gavin, Sarah Butterill)

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This exhibition follows the collective SAS (Sagan MacIsaac, Arielle Gavin, and Sarah Butterill), a fictional persona and celebrity artist who has been commissioned to design a Jane Eyre-themed amusement park. The imagined park pays tribute to Charlotte Brontë’s seminal Victorian novel through rides and amusements based on passages from the book. Thornfield Unbound, named after the estate in the novel, is slated to open in 2015, in Whistler, B.C. This exhibit recreates SAS’ studio, showcasing her design process, including mood boards, sketches, dioramas, and behind-the-scenes videos of the in-progress park. SAS will be in attendance at the opening reception, inhabiting her workspace.