Señorita Colombia: Exhibition and Performance

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December 2-14, 2019

Opening Reception: Monday, December 2, 7-10 pm; opening ritual 7pm

Orly Anan, Li Saumet, Lido Pimienta


Señorita Colombia is born out of the themes and inspirations behind Lido Pimienta’s upcoming record, Miss Colombia, “cynical love letters to Colombia.” Alongside Colombianas Li Saumet (based in Santa Marta city) and Orly Anan (based in Mexico city) who collaborated on the album, the group will transform the gallery into a COLOMBIA TROPICAL bizarre utopia, packed with VIBE altars, ceramic and textiles masks, nouveau kitsch and media. At opening night Senorita Colombia will express the dread of the “perfect Colombian lady” expected to “marry rich” and “improve the race” in an art performance that integrates movement and semiotics.

Inspired by the search of deeper spiritual paths, Anan works within the intersections of ritual, culture and contemporary art. As and artist and production designer, Orly Anan’s practice is informed by the lives of different artists and philosophers all while travelling fiercely around the world in the search of understanding how she could blend and manifest art through acts of faith.

Through her experimental, surreal and strange production design, Anan takes the viewer into the “otherworldly” without departing from reality, nature and mixed identity, one that belongs to the present, past and the future.

Colombian singer and an icon of irreverent and bright style, her spiritual approach to living, has positioned her as one of the most unique voices of South America. Saumet is the lead singer of super group Bomba Estereo, though her work in the band, she actively uplifts the voices of women, mothers and children in the Colombian landscape, all while working as a spiritual healer, through meditation and the creation of altars composed of wild flowers, plants and the fruits of her native land in the north coast of the country.

Liliana’s altars call to action for mother earth, the moon and the ocean. They are fruitful offerings that bring peace, secrets and hidden messages of poetry and love.

Lido Pimienta’s visual works are portraits of a community left, forgotten and displaced. Indignity and blackness at the forefront of the discourse in her practice, these characters in the resistance are the protagonists of the quest for cultural enlightenment in the Latin American diaspora and vernacular.

As an interdisciplinary musician and artist-curator, Pimienta has performed, exhibited, and curated around the world since 2002, exploring the politics of gender, race, motherhood, identity and the construct of the Canadian landscape.