Rodrigo Martí, Seven Screenplays

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JUNE 7-29, 2013

Artist: Rodrigo Martí


A sculptural action absorbing works by Oswaldo, Mario and Joaquin de Andrede (no familial relation) in three parts.
Oswaldo de Andrade’s 1928 Manifesto Anthropofago (Cannibalist)
Mario de Andrade’s 1928 novel Macunaima
Joaquim Pedro de Andrade’s 1969 film Macunaima
what is not mine / playful, lewd, spontaneous \ intended to define the national character \ courting controversy / prose or poetry \ juggling contradictions / ur-texts / loaded with poetic aphorisms \ amalgamation under the banner / panegyrical condemnations \ entirely political / unprecedented concept rooted \ full of humour / already had communism \ already had the surrealist language / poignant watershed \ our golden age / a hero without a character \ inventive, blessedly unsentimental / revolutionary politics and progress without development \ comic folkloric rhapsody / dramatizing transition \ multiracial, indian versus european, rural versus urban life / final annihilation and apotheosis \ the great bear constellation in the heavens / disillusioning tour through modernity \ the form of the big city / culture devoureth as it giveth \ the national epic status / magnum opus swallowed up the director \ the world that gives birth / the film’s protagonist absorbs him \ reality, one long movable feast

Rodrigo Martí’s first name is commonly attributed to Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, known to all as ‘el Cid’. A military hero fighting on the sides of both the Moors and the Christians in eleventh century Spain.
BFA Concordia University, Montreal 2005. MFA Public Practice Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles 2011.
‘El Cid’ lives and works smoothly.