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Amina Boufennara

September 24, 2021 - November 6, 2021

Essay by Özge Dilan Arslan

“This artwork explores themes of immigration, identity and ancestry. Exhibiting feelings of displacement and the merging of cultural identities, as an Algerian, as a Canadian, as an immigrant, and as a woman. A garment exhibiting a new found ground where one can exist simultaneously with all aspect of self and culture. By weaving multiple mediums together that are both traditional and unconventional which allows me to channel the foremothers into my process. I intertwine mediums like henna, thread and painting to bridge the gap between two cultures, creating roots in a ground that allows me to connect to my ancestors and bloom in a new land. Finding the right puzzle pieces in mediums and patterns to construct a space that keeps me connected to a place that feels like home.” – Amina Boufennara

Documentation by Alison Postma