Xpace Programming Launch Party 2019/2020

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  • Image of performer Yovska, wearing a mask with a leopard print pattern with clouds of smoke in the background

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September 6, 2019

7-11 pm

Poster by JG

Join Xpace Cultural Centre for our annual back-to-school party, featuring a musical performance by Nezzy, DJ Soft Drink, and a performance by Yovska from Boulet Brothers’ Dragula! art by Taymah Armatrading, Liza Konovalov, a group exhibition curated by Dana Snow featuring Maximilian Suillerot Wilke, Sean Sandusky, Alexi Pedenault, Lenox Daley, Binary Rainbow – plus snacks and drinks!

CASH BAR for 19+ with ID

Toronto’s emo-pop, alt rock author-artist
A next level 808-fueled mall punk from 2019, Nezzy is a solo emo-pop alt-rock author/artist. They merge timeless power pop moves with turbocharged club-ready production care of So Drove (Los Angeles). Nezzy’s world is filled with secret late night make outs and the auto-tuned euphoria of a new crush. Brutal Hot Topic breakdowns collide with trap snare fills. Anthemic hooks topple on top of even more anthemic hooks.

Yovska is a Toronto based designer and drag performance artist. He categorizes himself as a “drag creature” dressing up as different paranormal entities with a dash of fashion. Yovska relates the paranormal themes to his experiences growing up as queer and immigrant in Canada. Queer identities are often demonized and the word aliens can be used to describe immigrants. Yovska hopes to one day be the world’s premier sleep paralysis inducer.

Dj Softdrink will serve a sweet and bubbly set. Get sticky dancing to pop, Afro-beats, dancehall, and reggaeton. All brands and flavours are welcome, except Pepsi 😉