Cotey Pope, Personal Inventory

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May 21- July 2, 2014

Artists Involved:
Cotey Pope

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Personal Inventory is a fragmented archive of memories that romanticizes the notion of nostalgia, while creating a new more vivid memory. The audio used to accompany these images relates to a project Pope started in 2011, where she began steadily recording conversations as an attempt to validate and archive existence. Telephone conversations, conversations with friends, stories from childhood, doctor’s appointments, and music she made were all recorded on a cassette tape player that was carried around with her.

Aligning these recordings with non-linear and obscure imagery explores ideas of the past and how memories can become indistinct and hard to grasp. It becomes difficult to recollect a memory with a sense of objectivity; our minds edit, rewrite, and block out memories to create a more idealized account.