Melissa Fisher and Moshe Rozenberg, Myriad (No. 1)

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June 27- July 19, 2014

Artists Involved:
Melissa Fisher and Moshe Rozenberg

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Myriad (No. 1) marks the first in a series of analogous work made in collaboration by Melissa Fisher and Moshe Rozenberg. The artists will transform the Project Space into a succinct immersive installation, the central component being a kinetic sculpture comprised of two juxtaposed reel-to-reel units, wooden gear mechanisms, and a ¼” audio tape loop. A motif comprised of thread is repeatedly installed around the room, recurring throughout the space in the form of collages and printed fabric. Interdependency and pace play vital roles in the piece – its components relying on one another in order to work smoothly. During the exhibition Myriad (No. 1) will wear its hypnotic sensibility – ultimately stewing in recollection.

Image / / / Myriad (No. 1) work in progress during residency at Artscape Gibraltar Point

Xpace Cultural Centre gratefully acknowledges the support of the Toronto Arts Council