Mary Tremonte

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Fundraiser JUNE 6-14th, 2014

Artist: Mary Tremonte
Represented by: Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative

silkscreen print
Edition of 40
18 x 24”



Mary Tremonte is an artist, educator, and DJ rooted in Pittsburgh, PA, currently living in Toronto. She is a member of Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative, a decentralized group of 24 artists making print work in concert with movements for social and environmental justice. Her socially engaged silkscreen prints and parties focus on nature’s queer performativity, patterns, signifiers, temporary utopias and the commons. She has exhibited, given lectures, and DJed in diverse venues internationally as well as in Pittsburgh and Toronto. She holds a BHA from Carnegie Mellon University (2000) and an MFA from OCAD University (2014).