Hannah Enkel & Philip Shelton, Long Live the Working Class

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April 11 to May 9th, 2014

Artists Involved:
Hannah Enkel & Philip Shelton

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Long Live the Working Class is an anthem in support of the working class. Referencing diner and homegrown shop aesthetic and made using hardware store supplies, the sign sits in the window and reflects on people whose labour is often dismissed. This is for those who fix and maintain vehicles, who take away our garbage, who wire up spaces so we can see. This is for House Cleaners, Plumbers, General Contractors and Woodworkers. This is for Personal Support Workers, Social Workers, and people who care for children. This for Farmers, Baristas, and people who supply food and serve it to us, so that we can survive, and enjoy surviving. This is for those who work in factories, in unsafe or slum conditions, and for those who are underpaid.

Hannah Enkel and Phillip Shelton’s Long Live the Working Class has been programmed as part of a special focus on labour and is intended to be viewed in dialogue with Rodrigo Martí’s presentation ‘I am only interested in what is not mine’ on April 11th from 4pm-9pm.