Life of a Craphead

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Fundraiser JUNE 14-29, 2013

Artist: Life of a Craphead

$100 at Body Blitz


Life of a Craphead is the collaborative work of Amy Lam and Jon McCurley since 2006 in performance, comedy, theatre and video. Projects include transporting two psychopaths in a cage on the back of a truck, touring a live comedy show, giving away everything on a restaurant’s menu, and building a 3-story maze. Their first feature-length film “Bugs” is in post-production. They were Artists-in-Residence at the AGO in Winter 2013 and presented the Life of a Craphead Fifty Year Retrospective, an exhibition that consisted of all the work they will ever make.
Life of a Craphead have presented work at The Power Plant, Toronto; Gallery TPW, Toronto; Hotel MariaKapel, Hoorn, The Netherlands; Department of Safety, Anacortes, U.S.; and the Banff Centre, Banff, as well as at numerous comedy venues and music shows in Canada and the U.S.
Life of a Craphead live and work in Toronto and collaborate frequently with other artists and performers.