Laura Grier, Yǝ́dı́ı Kwǝ

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October 9 – November 7, 2020

Laura Grier

Essay by Emma Steen

“One day, while graining in the studio, I found myself wanting to talk with stone (Kwǝ) and tell them all about my experiences in love, heartache, sexuality, depression, of my tireless pursuit to research my inherent Dene spirituality and teachings. Finally, Kwǝ just said, “show me”. So, by using unique, situational, and performative ways to create marks on Kwǝ, I physically show them what it might feel like to be human, what it feels like to feel bad, to feel good, and everything in between. Yǝ́dı́ı (Spiritual Being) Kwǝ (Stone) is a collaborative series of stone lithography prints, performances, and conversations between Kwǝ and me. This work shows my relationship to Kwǝ as we work with ideas of reciprocity, ceremony, and realities of urban Indigeneity.”

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