Jacob Horwood

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Fundraiser JUNE 6-14th, 2014

Artist: Jacob Horwood

Study for Live & Active Moirés
Edition of 1
36″ x 24″



Jacob Horwood is a Toronto-based visual artist who works in printmaking, publishing, and sound art. In 2004, he co-founded the experimental sound art record label Beniffer Editions. It has released over 110 hand-made artist multiples on various formats, including LPs, books, box-sets and cassettes. Horwood is the administrator of Punchclock Printing and works as a specialty screen printer, assisting other artists and designers interested in the full realization of their ideas. He is also one-half of music concrete duo Gastric Female Reflex, who have released music and toured internationally. Horwood’s work is informed by process based painting techniques applied to screen-printing, visual after image demonstrations, re-appropriation, and artist multiple presentation.