Felix Kalmenson, INTERSECTION

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OCTOBER 19 – NOVEMBER 10, 2012

Friday October 19, 7pm

Artists Invvolved:
Felix Kalmenson

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INTERSECTION is a photo and sound based installation exploring the ahistorical landscapes of Toronto’s current condominium boom. Kalmenson’s installation critiques the increasing privatization of public life replicating the construction of these new geographies of exclusion. At stake is the systematic suburbanization of the city. Kalmenson incites the demolition of memory through the ahistorical, generic style of condo architecture, by placing photo panels of condo facades to obscure the patchwork architecture of XBASE itself. INTERSECTION presents these hypermodern constructions as spaces that deny memory, ignore reference to complex social and economic geographies, signalling a paradigm shift to neoliberal notions of publicness.