Inez Genereux and Cale Weir AKA O.S.A

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Fundraiser JUNE 6-14th, 2014

Artist: Inez Genereux and Cale Weir AKA O.S.A

Capital Redemption; The Conceptual Rewards Card    
acrylic resin, plexi glass, metal, chain
Edition of 20
size of a credit card


3/20 SOLD, 17 available

Inez Genereux is a cross-disciplinary artist and emerging exhibition maker. She has curated several group exhibitions showcasing local, and international artists. Her solo art practice is based in collaboration, and bridging gaps between body and experience, extending the physical to the digital.

Cale Weir is a discreet soft digital artist who makes elaborate art jokes, images, and performances. As a member of the Tough Guy Mountain art corporation, he handles executive duties, intern management, and software construction.

Card Type: Conceptual Rewards Card

Capital Redemption offers peace of mind. Today’s consumer finds themselves with less and less time of which to do Good Works. Capital Redemption provides a discreet service that enables the card carrier to optimize their positive energy feedback.
Purchasing the Card triggers the universe to notice the consumers desire to do Good Things. The consumer may then load cash onto the card to increase their Conceptual Rewards, or “Karma.”
Earn a Welcome Bonus of 25,000 Conceptual Rewards when you make your first cash deposit on your Card!
Good Karma wherever, whenever, however you want? YES.
Get used to hearing YES from the Universe more often with the Capital Redemption Conceptual Rewards Card. It’s the power that knows no boundaries