Anni Spadafora, I Know It’s Not Enough

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July 5th to July 27th, 2013

Artists Involved:
Anni Spadafora
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“We need to think about agency and personhood not only in normative terms but also as activity exercised within spaces of ordinariness that does not always or even usually follow the liberalizing logic of visible effectuality, bourgeois dramatics, and lifelong accumulation or fashioning”
-Lauren Berlant in Slow Death

I Know It’s Not Enough seeks to articulate how gestures of political resistance, feelings of safety and desirability are experienced in micro moments.

Re-purposing the materials and rhythms that afford Spadafora the memories of these gestures and feelings (always quick, almost forgotten), I Know It’s Not Enough hangs what can’t be measured: the micro moments of getting by. These large-format fibre works honour an ever-present craving to live and witness these gestures and feelings in the form of a spectacle, while simultaneously injecting that these micro moments of nothingness are already and always colossal, as they act as the composition of a resilient personhood. I Know It’s Not Enough explores how an awareness of these moments can conjure up both personal relief and political crisis in their unveiling, and it is in this climate that Spadafora’s visual results attempt to remember, find new political articulations, and create temporary sites of desirability.

Spadafora would like to thank Alexis Mitchell, Cait McKinney, Irfan Ali, Jenny Kapichen, Julie Fowler, Mariel Gonzalez, Michelle Kay, Natalie Kouri-Towe, Rossana Tudo, Sara Rozenberg, Sharlene Bamboat, and the mighty Toronto Laser Services.