Halloway Jones, I Hope This is Fun to Look At

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February 17 – March 24, 2017

Opening Reception: Friday February 17,

Halloway Jones

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 Last month, in a performance entitled, “How to make a 4.6 million dollar painting”, Halloway Jones guided volunteers through the process of painting their own copy of Mountain and Glacier by Lawren Harris, heir to the Harris-Massey fortune. Only 1/3 participants asked to keep their 4.6 million dollar paintings.

I Hope This is Fun to Look At is consciously accessible, designed to engage people who are typically alienated by the world of fine art. It uses the window space to access the passing public, who may not otherwise have the education, interest, or capital to intellectualize and purchase art. Blending landscape elements with loveable celebrity personalities, vibrant colours and lush textures, Fun appeals to the senses and uses the familiar to both challenge and appeal to ideas of what art should be.

Documentation by Sarah Bodri