Rodrigo Martí in collaboration with Ananna Oisharja Rafa & Sarah Azimi, ‘I am only interested in what is not mine’

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April 11, 2014 4pm-9pm

Artists Involved:
Rodrigo Martí in collaboration with Ananna Oisharja Rafa & Sarah Azimi

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‘I am only interested in what is not mine’

In the last few years Rodrigo Martí has been attracted to the call for strength through cultural cannibalism made in Brazilian poet Oswaldo Andrade’s Anthropofagia Manifesto of 1928. His focus has returned to Brazil through an interest in recent public gatherings at local malls organized by youth from ‘periphery’ neighborhoods using social media, these enigmatic gatherings are referred to as Rolezinhos or ‘little strolls.’ Framed by some as a plea for access to Brazil’s growing consumption culture, the gatherings have attracted up to 6000 participants in a single meeting. Martí will host a series of conversations with Urban Planners, Educators, Artists and others around consumption, the nature of these gatherings and the potential, if any, for organizing something similar in Toronto in the weeks leading to the presentation of a temporary artwork outside of Xpace Cultural Centre on April 11th from 4pm – 9pm.

Martí’s presentation has been programmed as part of a special focus on labour and is intended to be viewed in dialogue with Hannah Enkel and Phillip Shelton’s Long Live the Working Class .

Interviewees include:
Francisco Fernando Granados: Artist, Writer, Educator
Mojan Jianfar: Cultural Anthropologist, Urban Planner, Stakeholder Relation at The STEPS Initiative
Sebastian Gil-Riaño: Teacher, Academic focusing on UNESCO’s campaigns against race prejudice in the 1950s
Craig Morrison: Teacher, Founder of the Oasis Skateboard Factory
Maya Annik Bedward: Filmmaker, Producer, Maracatu band member
Thomas Bürk: Social geographer, Historian, Empirical Cultural Scientist
Yan Wu: Independent Curator, Writer
Aidan Grove-White: Urban Planner, Environmental Activist
Darren O’Donnell: Artist, Urban Planner, founder Mammalian Diving Reflex