Emily G Harrison, Wicked Game

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March 1-30, 2019

Opening Reception: Friday, March 1,
7-10 pm

Emily G Harrison

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Wicked Game presents a new series of large format paintings embracing the low-art materiality of plasticine, pairing its playful tactility with creatures, figures and motifs that are hyper-saturated and frenzied.

Over the last year, Emily Harrison has been researching European art historical movements such as Rococo, Baroque and religious allegorical paintings alongside popular Western fairy tales and folklore. Delving into her own thought patterns and anxieties as a starting point for content, Wicked Game looks both inward and outward, confronting the psychological and the mythical. Materially, this exhibition exists in a realm between painting and sculpture, with imagery caught between the dream and the disquieted.

Documentation by Polina Teif