Decenter curated by Jennifer Simaitis

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February 15 – March 14, 2013

Artists Involved:
Sona Safaei

Curated by:
Jennifer Simaitis

Media, as a controlled application dependent on geographical and political situations, is deconstructed in Decenter. The looped video exposes and pokes fun at the conventions and production of 24-hour news coverage. Through the use of jump shots, green screen, and scrolling text bars, Decenter directs the viewers’ attention back and forth between silent talking heads, revealing how news is delivered without delivering any news.

Sona Safaei’s video and installation work explores the notion of self and otherness, the linkages between one and many, and part /whole relationships in a decentralized global situation. Safaei studied painting at Azad University (Iran) and moved to Canada in 2006. She is a current OCAD University student.