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Artists Involved:
Lindsay Denise

XPACE will be hosting an UNDERWEAR DANCE PARTY for the closing reception of Lindsay Denise’s Dancing With Myself & Others, which has been on display for the past 4 weeks. Attendees are encouraged to participate in the exhibit through exhibitionism and share their groovy moves.

DJ FoodCourt will take the lid off your id and dish out the dirty dance-pop ditties you …secretly crave. Feast on guilty pleasures from across the decades as we launch the bedroom dance party into XPACE.


OCADU Hip-Hop Collective, I.B. Scene to kick-off the night with a freestyle throw-down! Starting at 8:00pm.

OCADU Zine Collective will be selling zines made by OCAD U students, showing samples of the zines from their library, and teaching people how to make a quick book with just a 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper and a pair of scissors.

*Dress code is definitely not mandatory! Wear what makes you comfortable!



Dancing With Myself & Others, by Lindsay Denise with documentation by Jenna Denise, a 2nd year Photography student at Ryerson University.

I.B. Scene Hip-Hop Collective:
“Determined to keep Hip-Hop culture active within the OCAD U and Toronto community. As a group, we intend to participate in social Hip-Hop events in the school and around the city. Our goal is to facilitate the spread of Hip-Hop through graffiti, DJing, MCing, and Breakdancing events and workshops.”
An exhibition throwdown that I.B. Scene did in May this year:

OCADU Zine Collective:
We are a collective of zine makers. Zines (rhymes with beans) are little handmade self-published magazines that are made by artists, writers and other folks who want to share something with a community of people. Our group brings together people who are interested in making zines and beginners are very welcome. When we meet, we usually work on making zines but we are also planning workshops, a zine swap and a zine fair in March.