Tad Hozumi and Daisuke Takeya, CONFESSIONS OF LOVE

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FEB 12 – MAR 13, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010 at 7PM

Artists Involved:
Tad Hozumi and Daisuke Takeya

In their exhibition Confessions of Love, Toronto-based artists Tad Hozumi and Daisuke Takeya take on the Big L just in time for that saccharine holiday we all love to hate (or hate to love). But despite the patina of cynicism that tends to cling to this time of year, Hozumi and Takeya are sincere in their constructions (and deconstructions) of sentimentality and intimacy. Below, the artists discuss the significance of objects and architecture in their work, the nature of sentimentality, and how their thematic approaches in their respective works reverberate against each other.