Bonerkill Talking Out Loud Salon Series: What Would the Community Think?

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October 1, 2016, 2pm

Bonerkill Talking Out Loud Salon Series: What Would the Community Think?

How can we contribute to thoughtful and courageous conversations about the changing city and anti-oppressive place-making? This salon compliments Xpace’s current Main Space exhibition, What would the community think? curated by Emily Gove.

Join us for our Bonerkill Salon, featuring an intersectional dialogue concerning the positionality of the creative practitioner’s citizenry role in the process of urban renewal. Participate in our conversation about issues of gentrification, social change and the complicit role of the artist as a change agent. This salon features feminist practitioners: Kiera Boult, Jay Pitter, Dyan Marie, and Christina Zeidler.


Established in 2013, Bonerkill is an intergenerational / intersectional, 10-member feminist-identified art collective with occasional guest artists, focused on collaborative art-making and transdisciplinary exchange. Crisscrossing public pedagogy, intersectionality and contemporary art; Bonerkill works through social practice, socially engaged art, as well as installation, performance and publishing as a catalyst for social change. Bonerkill is: Kiera Boult, Marilyn Fernandes, Ananda Gabo, Ana Guerra, Ashlee Harper, Shaista Latif, Sylvia Limbana, Pamila Matharu, Sofy Mesa and Annie Wong.

Image: Yan Wen Chang with Bonerkill, 99 Sudbury, mixed media on canvas, 2016