Rachel McRae and Anthony Easton, Bad Luck Amazon Giftcard

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April 11 to May 3th, 2014

Performance starts at 8PM

Artists Involved:
Rachel McRae and Anthony Easton

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During the performance and resulting installation Rachel McRae and Anthony Easton will ritualistically, reverently, construct a pyramid of household objects that when arranged in a specific way are believed to illicit bad-luck: four broken mirrors, hats on the bed, new shoes on a table, two ladders forming a pyramid with a umbrella opened indoors… all conjured up from the internet’s greatest source of everything and anything: Amazon.com

The entire process (online object ordering, furniture assembly, installation & ritual) will be documented via video, digital photographs and ephemera.

A reception will follow the performance, the audience invited to eat and drink within the unlucky space.

Xpace Cultural Centre gratefully acknowledges the support of the Toronto Arts Council