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Curated by Lisa Visser

Showing in conjunction with the Image Festival, As If You See It In Front Of You, is an exhibition of seven media art students, curated by Lisa Visser. In this exhibition are: Andrew McGill, Logan MacDonald, Carolyn Armstrong, Faye Mullen, Rita Camacho Lomeli, Francisco-Fernando Granados, and Takin Aghdashloo. Alongside the writings of Jean-Luc Nancy in Being Singular Plural , Visser—curator, is probing the idea of presence and what it means to be connected.

“…meaning is itself the sharing of being. Every connection we have creates meaning: every singular person is plural. Exploring connections includes considering how connections can be missed or can fail, become aggravated, or emphasized. This is the suggestion of community, built around the very act of being – and being-with – one another.”

Below is an excerpt from Visser’s exhibition essay As If You See It In Front Of You:

Looking through the shield of a screen by the very nature of its ambiguity, media art is lodged in the spaces between video and installation, between the abstract and the real, between speculative absence and digital presence, between effort and failure. Within this framework of uncertainty, what results is an exhibition that explores performance, presence and a sense of being-with. This exploration constructs a possible awareness of ones connectivity, exceeding the limitations of wires and signals, bringing the audience towards a sensorial, emotional, and psychological relation. What remains are subtle emotions: a sense of worth and contribution, a sense of self-doubt.
Each of these artists presents a certain yet ambiguous investigation of media and the medium. as if you still see it in front of you is an exhibition of connection (through literal technology and across invisible hubs of social activity), challenging conventions of media art. The result is an amplification of the “we” and the medium.

As an admirer of Lisa’s work, both as a curator and art practitioner, it’s especially interesting to see the ways in which her narratives take form.

As If You Still See It In Front Of You, challenges the notions of independence with interdependence, for the sake of connection, in place of coexistence.

This exhibition is running from March 18th to April 9th.

The Closing Reception is April 2nd 2pm-5pm

You don’t want to miss it!