Call for submissions: Existence as Resistance: Beyond Survival

Xpace is currently seeking submissions from student and emerging artists for an upcoming group exhibition exploring and celebrating the stories, creativity and complex journeys of Queer and Trans folks from both western and non-westernized viewpoints. Curated by Sean Sandusky, the exhibition aims to provide a platform for respect and visibility.

Historically, the structures of colonialism, imperialism and its historical impact of oppression introduced laws that have pushed Queer identities into hiding for the purposes of survival. In the recent past, there has been organizations and individual expressions around the world to fight against the oppression and homogeny faced by Queer, Trans, Non-Binary, Two-Spirit and Gender Nonconforming folks from both a systemic and personal point of view.

Personal and group-oriented resistance have acted on the idea of organizing past the concept of surviving as well beyond being seen and not heard in a repressed society. Although the landscape of queerness and gender expression has changed through obtaining law-based freedoms, there is still so much progress to be achieved in terms of legality. Visibility and representation, the factors making queerness and gender identity worth living, are integral to the following questions; how does one express one’s true self if not given a stage to speak? Where do we have the conversation about the complexity of these identities being silenced over time? In what timeframe do we talk about the existence of queerness and gender identity existing without penalization around the world before the effects of colonial rule?

Works must be ready for exhibition by June 18, 2018. Selected artists will be notified by March 2018. All selected participants will be paid a project fee for the exhibition.

To apply, you must provide:

1. Artist Statement (250-500 words): The Artist Statement should give a description of your overall practice as it relates to the project you are proposing.

2. Project Description (250-500 words): The project description should give a clear and concrete description of the work you are proposing for installation.

3. Curriculum Vitae (Max 3 pages): Your CV should include education and exhibition history, as well as any relevant experience, reviews, etc.

4. Visual Support Material with accompanying Support Material List (5-10 images and/or minutes of video): Images must be in JPG format. You may provide links to video work/documentation.

DEADLINE: January 13, 2018, 11:59pm


For any questions, please contact Genevieve Wallen at [email protected]